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Tuesday, 3 August 2010

What type of selling do you do?




    • Our product is differentiated from Our competitors by Our superior Marketing team.
      Our professional Sales people add to this differentiation through Our execution of superb sales process.


    • Our purpose is to increase Your Profits by improving Your Sales process and reducing Your Cost of Operation,
      thereby giving YOU competitive advantage in your product/markets.

If you chose the first one then you are firmly rooted in the 1970's.
You are looking for a market for your product.

It is time to fire BOTH your Head of Marketing and Head of Sales,
and replace them both with ONE person a CRO (Chief Revenue Officer).

Once upon a time that meant a TAXMAN,
today it is the most important role in the firm.

If you think that the styles are both the same, or that you do both.

This is the 1980's and 1990's, still looking for markets, have some key accounts,

sales and marketing sometimes work together but have differing roles.

NOW is a good time to measure what works, which is the winning style?

You may be looking to promote someone to be the CRO

If you chose 2 without hesitation,
then you already have a Chief Revenue Officer.

This is NOW
and you are thriving during this economic downturn.


Your success depends upon your Customer's success.

You have devolved decision-making based on

the Customer's best interest model.

Your main Marketing is not Social Media, Events, road shows or exhibitions they are Customer Engagement Workshops.

Style 1 is all about US,
OUR Product, OUR Marketing,
OUR Salespeople, OUR Process;
it is all about the Seller.


Style 2 is all about YOU,
YOUR Profits, YOUR Sales,
YOUR Costs, YOUR Process,
YOUR Product/Market.
It is all about the Buyer.


If you would like a job description for a CRO (Chief Revenue Officer)
or would like a Model Agenda for a Customer Engagement Workshop

then contact Brian MacIver on

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