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Wednesday, 25 August 2010

The Delphic Golfer

"Originality does not consist of saying what has never been said before;
it consists of saying what you have to say that you know to be the truth."

Harvey Penwick's
Little Red Book of Golf

We have in Sales Training & Development a marvellous parallel in the world of Golf.
There are some renowned Golf Trainer/Coaches:

  • Butch Harman with Tiger Woods and currently Phil Mickelson,
  • David Leadbetter with Nick Faldo, Ernie Els and Nick Price.

There are some famous Coaching Specialists like:

  • Dave Pelz author of both The Putting Bible and The Short Game Bible
  • Doctor Bob Rotella Sport Psychologist and Author of Putting out of your Mind.

The Grandfathers of Golf Coaching are:

  • Harvey Penick author of The
    little Red Book of Golf
  • In addition, the legendary Ben Hogan, both Champion Golfer and developer of "Modern Golf".



    Butch Harman


    Imagination and Physical 

    David Leadbetter

    Swing Mechanic/Generalist 


    Dave Pelz



    Doctor Bob Rotella

    Sports Psychologist 


    Harvey Penick



    Ben Hogan

    Swing Mechanic 



I exclude from the list 'Golfing My Way' authors from Past Champions such as Gary Player, Jack Nicklaus and Seve Ballesteros as their 'formula' is to practice 10 hours a day for 10 years as they did. Each developed a unique style, which was suited to their individual physique and unsuitable for a general audience.

Well, so what? You ask how does this transfer to Sales?





Sales Process


Neil Rackham's SPIN®

Sales Behaviour

Behaviour Analyst

Cognitive Psychology


fMRI Scanning



Xerox PSS


Structured Step by Step

Brian MacIver




So who are the Champions of Selling My Way? Brian Tracy and the whole 'Better Yourself' movement, NLP in general and all books by 'Sales' Millionaires. Not included is the current crop of fad selling books, as they are either 'My Way' or rehashed classics. No pseudo-science MBTI, personality tests or surveys.

Imagine learning Golf based on 'personality' or a 'survey' of 1,000 golfers, an absurd idea!

No doubt, many of your personal favourites are not there, that is because they offer little, or even nothing, beyond the basic list.

So to all journeymen Professional Golf Coaches (at least they need a certification) and to all 'licensed' Sales Trainers, remember to ask them

  • What research is this Training based on?

  • What evidence can you offer to prove that:
    • I can learn how to do this?
    • I can transfer what I learn to my Job?
    • Moreover, that I will sell more because of this training?

On the golf course, it is easy, the scores go down and your handicap improves, in Sales it is always an anecdote!

Final word if you want to improve your golf then use one of these certified Teaching Pros and if you want to improve your Selling to Top Performer Contact

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