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Monday, 2 August 2010

Buyer’s Gain is the Seller’s Loss or is it?


two_red_diceThis game begins
when the objective is
the acquisition
of a product or service.






Since the objective is "acquisition",

the Seller maximises gain by the highest selling price and

the Buyer maximises gain by the lowest  buying cost.


The real OBJECTIVE is the product or service application in the pre-bargaining stage.

If the Seller does not understand the application then, you will have to sacrifice Margin.
Buyer behaviour is PREDICTABLE and Buyer behaviour can be modified, not manipulated but modified.

BMAC has developed a Business Interests model,
which develops Value from Product Application, not Acquisition.

Alternatively, you can use a zero based pricing model and give Margin away.

BMAC Consultants Evidence Based models on Negotiation, Planning, Discussion are
both Inter-Active and Intra-Active which are are easily learned, quickly coached and competence based


Alternatively, you can hope that your Tricks and Ploys bluff at poker
are better than
the Buyer’s Tricks, Ploys and Gambits!




If you are better than the Buyer is then
you had better hope
that it does not come back to haunt you!



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