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Monday, 9 August 2010

The ‘Problem’ Trap





Many Clients tell me that the Sales 'fixation' with Problems, Issues and Challenges is doing more harm than good.


It is like mending an old garment with patches and repairs, instead of buying a new garment.




Opportunity is the positive side of business it requires a vocabulary change
from "how can we fix it?" into "how can we take advantage of it?"

We applied this last year with a Telco client. The 'Problem' was an aging data network with speed, reliability and configuration 'problems'. It would have been easy to 'sell' a faster, more reliable and easy to configure network, indeed that was precisely the offer from the competitors.

We however, spent more time learning what the network was going to do for the client.
They had developed a Turnkey Software, Hardware and Information system for their clients.
Understanding their 'opportunity' enabled us to rethink and redesign their network entirely.

The solution, developed with both Client and in-house Technical Experts,
met their 'Opportunity' needs perfectly, and we became a short-list of one.

Changing the way you sell is simply changing the way you communicate with clients.


BMAC can change the way you sell, to a more successful model.

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