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Monday, 9 August 2010

Sales Strategy Success

Do you have a robust Sales Strategy?

How would it stand-up to rigorous testing?


Does it work?

One of Britain's greatest engineering personalities is F. W. Lanchester, he held more than 400 hundred patents for Automotive and Aeronautic designs. He was also a Mathematical Philosopher. Lanchester's "Theory of Conflict" was written in 1916, and later, post Pearl Harbour, became the basis of US Naval strategy against Japan.

If I put his "Theory of Conflict" profanely, it states that:
the larger, better-equipped force ALWAYS wins.



Put simply a force of 2,000 soldiers is FOUR times as powerful as a force of 1,000 soldiers.

In a fire-fight, the 2,000 will cause double the casualties; hence, the 1,000 will decrease at the square of the difference. The destruction of the smaller force will be achieved at the loss of 268 casualties amongst the 2,000.

There is a constant 'K', which factors "Battlefield Conditions" weather and terrain for both the larger and the smaller forces.


Today, increased accuracy of prediction is obtained by factoring in other Variables: Morale (motivation), Training, Command and Control, Intelligence etc.
but the Lanchester Maths sits at the heart of Modern warfare.


How does this adapt to selling? ……………….Very well!

Japanese Companies have been using Lanchester's law to have overwhelming Market success, Matsushita and Sumitomo to name two. Lanchester's Formula shows that a concentration at a narrow point gives the required advantage. If you doubt this, then study again Nelson at Trafalgar.

Target Market Green Road SignIn conclusion, if you are a large well-equipped Sales force apply Lanchester's Strategy to have overwhelming Market success. However, if you are a small, well trained and highly motivated sales force use Lanchester's law to pick your MARKET NICHE, where YOU are strongest and then enjoy success and niche domination.

Examples would be Virgin Atlantic or EasyJet.



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