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Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Sales Audit

Judging Salespeople is easy, read their Revenue results!
Therefore, when Salespeople go off the boil, it must be Pricing or Products or Markets, or, or..... Alternatively, perhaps it was the way your exercised your Judgement in the first place.

Judging Salespeople requires a great deal of mental discipline in both thinking and reasoning as well as emotional control. One of the most difficult parts of judging a salesperson is to have NO sympathetic understanding of their behaviour, you CANNOT 'Identify with' and then Judge. Discernment, I am afraid may take decades to form.

In Sales Audit, it is vital to put all preferences and prejudices to one side. You MUST rely on Judgement to Objective Standards. These Standards or measures are linked to and then are validated to Sales Effectiveness. These measures must be carefully applied, without prejudice, and then collated into a Sales Profile.

Judging Salespeople accurately must be based on a portfolio of measures; a Sales Profile. The profile enables a discerning and useful judgement in Recruitment and Development or in Termination.

BMAC have developed a comprehensive Sales Profile Portfolio of 32 Measures adaptable for a wide variety of Sales people and Sales support people. Using these measures, you will reduce costly mistakes in recruitment, enjoy revenue results from development and grow a Team of Top Performing Salespeople. Contact for more information.

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