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Monday, 9 August 2010

The Customer’s View of Salespeople



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When Clients talk of a 'good' relationship with their Sales Executive or Account Manager they talk of their bringing value and minimising risk.


When I ask Clients, about what their 'preferred'
sales people actually do they reply understand

    • my situation,

    • my plans,

    • my doubts,

    • my opportunities.




The Client's expected outcomes were

  • Reduced or eliminated risk, by managing uncertainty 
  • Achieve personal goals and
  • Achieve Corporate Goals.

When I sit with CEO's, CSO's and CMO's  I hear them talk about

  • Out-dated strategy,
  • Failure to cooperate,
  • Weak development and
  • Poor product management,
  • working at cross purposes and
  • Short time horizons.

When I ask Top executives, what do they want in their salespeople?

  • Strategic
  • Solution orientated
  • Consultative
  • Value Seller
  • Experienced
  • High energy

So, Client's clearly state that Interpersonal Skills correlated to the bottom line,
yet we continue to recruit to “attributes”.

BMAC Consultants like to respond in the same way
as your HELP key in software applications.

help key 2

We deliver Context based Sales Support,

Process Based Consultancy embedded in the Sales Operation.

BMAC are Client Centric, You and Your Client Centric.

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