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Thursday, 5 August 2010

Should Top Execs visit Customers?

I have had a secret code in my address book for years, alongside the details of senior execs CEO, CFO, CIO, CTO etc
I have a code:
  • CV or NCV or VCV

In 20 years, I have never been asked what it means.
  • CV means Customer Visits;
    I would be happy for this Exec to make accompanied Sales Visits to Customers or Prospects.
  • NCV means NO Customer VisitsI will do all I can to avoid this Exec from having any Customer contact
  • VCV means Very Customer "Visit-able";
    this Exec has a major contribution to make during Customer or Prospect visits.
    They are Interactively Competent.
    I will arrange unaccompanied Customer Visits for this Exec.

After Sales Auditing, a Big Telco's 'Calling Executive Program' i.e. validating the executive visits for 'sales effect', and evaluating the CEP program for 'Revenue Generation'.
BMAC Consultants designed two programs
  • Selling  TO  the Top (ST³) and
  • Selling  BY  the Top (SBT²).

These are based on collaboration with 26 Customers during Customer Engagement workshops answering the questions: 
  •  "What do you want from an Executive Visit?" and
  • "Who would you want as our Executive Sponsor?"
If you would like to review the contents of Selling to the Top, or Selling by the Top programs
then drop me a mail on

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