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Thursday, 19 August 2010

On being the Captain

The 'Captain' of the football team, the ship or the aircraft is appointed. Sometimes the job of Captain comes with a description and privileges; often it has insignia an armband, stripe or epaulette.

In Sales, the Sales Manager is the Captain. They may not realise it but they determine their team's performance. Every day you need to arrive with positive energy. You, the sales manager, are part of and often the most important part of the team.

Each individual in the team has to be known to you, his or her emotions, their dreams, their goals and disappointments as well as their relationships – just like you that is what drives them! As Captain, you have to take an interest in each individual making him or her feel important to you and cared for by you. There is no faster or better way of getting High Performance from a team than each individual feeling important and cared for.

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