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Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Check Your Sales Performance


Effective Sales People check their performance.
"What do I expect to achieve this month, this quarter, this year"?

They check and test their results every six months against goals.
This way, they find out what they have done well and what they do poorly.
The half-year July so now is a great time to do this check!

Did you pick the truly important things to do or,

did you instead focus on the URGENT?

A great many salespeople, who are exceedingly good at execution,
are not so good at picking the important things instead the react to the now.

They are magnificent at getting the unimportant things done.
They have an impressive record of achievement on trivial urgent matters.

Covey, in his "First Things First" book describes the 'trap of the urgent',
and the importance of keeping the Right Thing, the right thing.

Check your 'Customer Face-Time' over the last half year,
successful sales people will always see this growing and more than 15%.

Call your top ten pipeline prospects and ask when they will place the business?

Is that the date of your forecast?

Call your ten pipeline prospects and ask what percentage they would give you of winning the business.
Is that lower than your rating?

Ask your self-do you have the best job in the world?

Did you answer yes?

What skills coaching did you have?
What Value did your customers get from dealing with you?

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