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Saturday, 18 September 2010

What is a Sales Engine?

It is a systematic approach to Selling that constantly generates CASH. 

Most companies run on Product Engines, they are product based.  Google is a great example.  Google is a product house; it values Product design, Production, Product innovation, Product introduction.  Ultimately, other products will replace it.  It has been a great success, a superb product engine.  Another example would be Toyota cars famed for their reliability and low service requirements; it will have a long hard climb back.  Both Google and Toyota depend upon their engineering creative talent, Scientists, Engineers and Technicians.
It is a world based on science.

Few companies are Market EnginesOmnicom is based on Markets, it does not create them, but it can effectively develop a market, or even discover a market.  Omnicom’s success is based upon the Creative Talent in art, design, media and especially the word. 
It has science, but primarily it is a world based on Art.  The Art of communications.

Google and Omnicom are direct competitors.  They take dollars out of each other’s pockets.  We have Art and Science in competition, both are winners, both are big Cash Generators.  Yet both are very vulnerable to competitive action, and to mistakes.

What about Sales Engines? Do you have a Product?  Does your product have a Market?  The sales engine is a carefully constructed Channel between Products and MarketsThe strange thing is that the Sales Engine is both Product agnostic and it is Market agnostic.  Sales Engines are based upon Creative Talent, imaginative Salespeople.  They are the ultimate combination of Art and Science from a commercial point of view.  Sales Engines combine the Art of Persuasion and the Science of Selling.    Wal-Mart, Amazon.Com and IBM are classic examples there some others.

I built my first Sales Engine aged 16 and that is over forty years ago, I just didn’t know what I had for 30 years.  During the last 12 years, I helped individuals and corporations, with varying success construct their sales engines.  A simple change of focus and direction has had incredible results.

So, are you Product led, Market led or Sales led?

  • Do you want to sell your Product?
  • Do you want to hold or grow your Market?
  • Alternatively, do you want to generate cash?

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