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Saturday, 18 September 2010

Sales Philosophy, a Philosophy of Selling

Sales Philosophy is simply the pursuit of wisdom, specifically selling wisdom. 
My personal approach is a combination of Revelation and Reason

Revelation is in tribute to all who have gone before me; I will read anything about selling.  I have read upwards of 30,000 pages on the subject.


is a Critical Analysis of what I have read, and of that which is posited.  It means that I have tested, in most cases to destruction, most of that which has been published and taught on selling.  In this, I have not been alone.  The last decade, since 2000, has seen more research into Selling & Buying than all the previous decades put together.

If you are learning, or if you practise, from a sales method, taught before 2000
or written before 2000 (MM series) then you are obsolete, as obsolete as Vinyl, as obsolete as VHS.

Pre-2000 Sales Training (MM series), is as obsolete as Trench Warfare, and just as deadly.  In part the current ‘economic crises’ is attributable to Sales departments in Companies large and Small Globally, but in Particular in English Speaking countries UK, USA, Canada, Australia and NZ.  Why there? Because they have stoically refused to change, to invest in upgrade and development.  They have deployed Sales Automation, e-mail, Outlook, and its many usurpers, which have attempted to reduce the Art and Science of Selling to the routines, processes, bells and buzzers of a McDonalds’ Kitchen.

Fries’ may be ready after five minutes in oil at 150 degrees C, but Buyers are not ready after a 2 hour ‘Benefits’ Presentation, nor a 40 page Proposition, with the word “Value” included 23 times.

Are you interested in a Validated study in successful selling, rather than Vindicated beliefs, completely out of date? 

Would you like to share in research that has involved more than 1000 sales people, over a period of 20 years?    A methodology based on current Cognitive Psychology, not Charisma. 

Do you want to wake up?  On the other hand, are you content to wait, like Baldrick?

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