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Saturday, 18 September 2010

Do Not repeat last year’s Sales Mistakes in 2014

“STEP #1: Ignore the ABC Strategy  I’m not kidding. 
Traditional courses in closing business emphasize the “ABC” (Always Be Closing) strategy. 

However, while it’s easy to remember, it’s also a stupid idea.”   [Taken from a recent post on B’net.]

What amazes me is that ABC (Always Be Closing) was discredited by HRG after simple research in the 1980’s.

It never worked. 


There are no “steps” to the sale.


There are many sales processes, but most don’t work! 


Sales people work between 1,600 and 2,000 hours per year.
Most of these hours,
about 1,500 -1,900 hours are useless, or wasted.

Only about 100 hours,
out of the 2,000 hours worked, 
produce results and
generate their sales.




Yet many Sales Managers boast of:
their Salespeople’s ‘hours’ worked (effort mistaken as performance ).

“He/She is here from 7am until 8pm, attendance not productivity.”

  1. Skilled Sales Managers can manage 9 skilled salespeople, easily

  2. Skilled Salespeople can generate up to 500 productive sales hours per year. 

    hours worked

    Do your Cost/Benefit analysis. 

    • 50% of your Sales Mangers are not needed. 

    • Your sales force can be at least 100% more productive. 

    • Take cost out or put revenue in.

      Or perhaps you still believe in A.B.C., Hard ‘workers’ and the Tooth Fairy.

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