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Saturday, 25 September 2010

Sales (SOP) Standard Operating Procedures

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I am like most of you from a generation who did not give Military Service to my country. 
In the Military SOPs Standard Operating Procedures run the Organisation. 
Or, you would have to stop and devise methods to carry out even the most simple task.
“Doing it by the numbers”
is the answer to avoid constantly solving the same problem again and again.

It can be mundane events filling and empty Barracks, layout kit
or simply load a gun with ammunition. 
You don't have time ask “How do I load this?” when under fire! 

There are SOP’s for once in a lifetime events, the Coronation of a King
or the burial of a Queen.
You can’t postpone the Funeral for six weeks to organise like a Wedding!

As a Sales Consultant, I audit SOPs in Sales Departments.

  • Contracts, renewals, Cancellations for recurring events

Less frequent, but just as important

  • Buyer Objections, Cold Call Scripts, Call Planners,
    Presentation Structures, Proposal Outlines
  • How to run a corporate Golf day,
    Lunching a customer or prospect,
    or Monthly reviews.

These are Sales ‘Enablers’, part of Sales Enablement.

How good are your Standard Operating Procedures?

Part of the BMAC Sales Audit includes SOP review.

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