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Sunday, 19 September 2010

Sales Manager Black Adder’s Post Call Review

black adder


B:   (Baldrick the sales representative)        “How did I do boss?”

BA: (Black Adder the Sales Manager) “Not very well, I’m afraid!”

B:   “What do you mean I thought it was great?”

BA:  “Well, you did not ask any QUESTIONS.”

B:    “I asked for the order.”

BA: “Yes but, you did not ask any ‘Open’ questions”

B:   “But, I got the ORDER.”

BA: “Yes but, do you understand their needs?”

B:   “It’s the biggest order anyone has taken this year,
       it put me through target and
       should pay for an extra holiday this year.”

BA: “You have the wrong attitude to Coaching, Baldrick.
        How do you ever hope to improve when you don’t take advice?”

B:  “Sorry Black Adder, I’ll have a cunning plan by next month”

BA:  “Tschh! If your still here next month, Baldrick!”

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