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Saturday, 18 September 2010


Who are the role models you had early in life that influenced your belief about leadership?
Most people do not talk about bosses; they talk about their mother or father, uncle or cousin, teacher or coach—what we call “lifelong leaders.”

I want to honour one of my hero’s Ken Blanchard Author and Teacher

Ken is renowned for the One-minute Manager, but of course that is just the tip of the iceberg.  Ken has compiled a body of unique research on Leadership, he has collaborated, in the truest sense with some of our most gifted thinkers to amplify and expand on leadership, the value of good leaders. 

Ken is a profound thinker; he is fully open to revelation and he has complete respect for reason.  He teaches leadership, by example, by engagement, by inspiration.

A typical class with Ken, through deep questioning, he expects you to learn:

  1. What is your mission in life?
  2. What are you trying to accomplish?
  3. What are your values – what is going to guide your behaviour?

Based on those three things, what is your leadership point of view—what are your beliefs about leading and motivating people?

  • What are your expectations of others?
  • What do your people expect of you?
  • How are you going to walk your talk?
  • How are you going to model what you say you stand for?

Be inspired by Ken to increase your leadership ability, to inspire others.

Read Ken Blanchard’s book “Leading at a higher level”

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