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Friday, 16 July 2010

What do IBM and Google have in common?

Are they are big?
Alternatively, are they successful?
Both are true, but they have some values in common which I think are keeping them big and successful.

They value their employees. IBM and Google do not do this to be nice, but to be successful. Wal-Mart is big and successful but they value their ability to 'deal' with suppliers. IBM and Google know that employees generate their success. Employees continue the momentum, the renewal, the growth of these two giants.

How do they do it?

Their 'secret' is around devolved decision-making. To achieve this you need to have clear values and understood goals, those make the backcloth upon which the employee embroiders. Most Firms have vague Mission Statements with mixed Goals and targets and hypocritical Values. Your values have to be real and coherent, not just for show.

If you say you are 'green', then act green and BE Green! Then, when employees decide, your true Green Value enables a green preference. If you are not green, then do not say you are, as you will get compromise decisions that do not work.

IBM and Google attempt to take decisions at the point nearest to the issue and then enable the solution, that is 21st century management and it works! No secret, it just works. Good people, empowered, good decisions delivered!

BMAC facilitate workshops to empower employees. Understanding corporate values and goals, then systematically Making Decisions based on these values and goals. This enables you to make better decisions about providers, outsourcers and carry out reorganisations successfully.

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