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Thursday, 22 July 2010

Master of Business Administration why MBA’s count

Before doing my MBA, I thought MBA's were 'integrated' accountants, who were working in Line Departments, Sales, Marketing, R&D or Production.
They always were good with numbers and they always had a four-quadrant slide in their presentations!

When I decided to do my MBA, thanks to a lot of support from my boss and lots of encouragement from my University Tutor, I still thought it was about numbers. You cannot do an MBA without Finance and Numbers, but an MBA is not about Finance or Numbers. MBA means you understand what the numbers mean. All MBAs can interpret the numbers, but a good MBA can change them!

The real learning during an MBA is how to interpret information and what and how to think. The MBA four-quadrant models are 'standard operating procedures' that let you communicate quickly and easily with non-MBAs. All those 2x2 models, porters five forces, creative thinking tricks and financial ratios are there to help explain what is happening and how you can change the future. The future is where it gets scary, that is why you need to have imagination, and imagination is now firmly part of the MBA curriculum.

I heartily recommend doing an MBA to all Sales Executives,
you will find more opportunities, you will be more helpful to your Clients and you will sell more too.

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