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Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Sales Management is out of date.

Well, in fact Management is out of date, not just Sales Management.

Automobiles are based on same the Internal Combustion engine for the last 70 years. Cars are redesigned, restyled; saloon, station wagon and SUV, but all are based on the same 70-year-old technology, simply adapted but not evolving. It is Genesis not Exodus. It is the same in Management, new bodywork but the same 'engine' for 70 years.

In 2010 Sales is constrained, not by their ability to adapt to new technology, nor the speed of uptake of FAD Sales Training, but Sales are constrained by Sales Management! For it is Sales Management, which Plans, Allocates accounts with Account Managers, Organises territories, sets Strategy, and accepts Product/Markets, Motivates and Rewards. If Sales is unsuccessful then look to Sales Management, do not swap out sales people, start at the top – swap the Sales Director, the Sales VP or the CSO.

A 21st century sales force is identified by one unique trait. Not the smart phone, or SFA software, in fact it is neither technology nor the speed at which technology is implemented. It is about Decision Making. 21st century Sales is about WHO makes decisions, WHERE decisions are made, WHEN decisions are taken, WHAT can be decided and HOW decisions are made. Why is this trait so important? 21st Century Sales in 21st Century Firms make decisions FASTER than their Competitors, the decision is right more often than their competitors are, and they implement their decisions faster than their Competitors do.

Having an I-Phone and an I-Pad, as well as Sat. Nav. in the car, but then having a Sales force Automation Package decide who you speak to is NOT 21st century selling, its ROBOTIC. It is the Marketing Assistant's dream, no need for a Sales department!

Get up to speed in 2010; use the wisdom of the crowd.

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