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Tuesday, 29 June 2010

“What gets measured gets done.”

The Lord Kelvin, gave us the 'Kelvinator' (Refrigerator),
and the first Transatlantic Telegraph Cable.
He was a Scientist and Engineer, taking science and applying it to everyday situations.
He said,

"To manage something, first you must be able to measure it".

As Business Scientists, we know that "What get measured gets done!"
That is why we use Sales Standards and Sales Discipline.

up to your ass in crocodiles

Knowing how many Crocodiles there are, is NOT going to help!

I have written of the difficulties with Sales Force Automation (SFA Software) before, not only in it's poor ability to measure, (GIGO) Garbage in Garbage out, but also even when the Measures are good it is:



How you MANAGE from
The Measure that counts!

  • Pipeline is measured, but Revenue is not coming in.
    Management Focus then goes on 'Closing Deals'.
    This causes Crisis Management behaviour.
    Sales Activity becomes un-linked to Buyer Process.
    Quotations are then written too early meaning that the Buyer “delays” their decisions.
  • The OUTCOME is: 
    Inverted Selling Behaviour with more focus on ending 'Selling Cycles',
    than on starting ‘Buying Cycles’.

BMAC Research uncovered that Productive Selling benchmarks show a:
higher focus on Starting Buying cycles than on ending 'Selling Cycles'.

If you want Management Control back, if you want Revenue results without Crisis Management,
if you want shorter delays from Quote to Cash, then contact
BMAC Consultants

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