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Sunday, 19 September 2010

Sales Coaching: Do it Right!


I did an exit interview with a salesperson leaving for a competitor.

He wrote the following comments:

“I am leaving because of the lack of Development in the Company. My Manager ranked my selling skills at my last appraisal as average. I do not know how he measured me, as he always jumped in and took over the sales call.

He has not seen or heard my selling skills, but I have seen and heard his selling skills. He talks excessively and barely listens to the Customer, he exaggerates to the point of lying and he ‘knocks’ the competition.
He has poor selling skills and no coaching skills.

As I want to develop my Sales career I am leaving the Company to join one with a recognised development program.”

hugh Laurie




The Manager who had the last word wrote,

“I would not employ this salesperson again!”.






Sales Coaching is a Joint Process. The Sales Manager with the Sales Person together Identify a development area.
They then agree a plan for learning and practice that they carry out together,
until the required standard is met, for that development area.


Sales Coaching is based on:

  • REVIEW, Plan then Do

  • At each joint call it is 

    DO, Review then Plan

  • After each appraisal its

    PLAN, Do, and then Review again

Sales Coaching is a Continuous Process,

its part of ‘business as usual’ in a Learning Organisation, coaching is not a special event.

BMAC has validated Sales Standards of Performance, Sales Assessment and Sales Accreditation models.

BMAC runs Training for Coaches and Coaching the Coach, both of which are based on validated models.

If you would like to find out more about Sales Coaching contact .

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