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Thursday, 30 September 2010

The biggest self-deception in Business


The biggest self-deception in Business today is............................




That Sales People have any leading role in their Client’s Buying Process!



Buying 2.0 and the ever-growing network of greater Client savvy,
means Buyers do not NEED Sales.

Salespeople now only have a walk on part.
If their part is “scripted”, then they are not needed at all.

How long the Salesperson stays centre stage and
keeps the Client’s attention is a function of Sales IMPROVISATION and Buyer Activation.

The art of selling in 2013 is based on Creativity, Imagination and Insight.

Clients rarely tell Salespeople what they are ‘really’ thinking.
Buyers know they are being sold to,
so they tend to believe more about what Competitors say about each other’s products,
than what Salespeople say about their own product.

There is no place for Selling by repetition, or being an information point.

The days of just Communicating Value, [talking brochures] are over!

Customers want customization.


The success factors in selling today

  • Understanding Buyer’s Needs, What, How and Why.

  • How Sales Strategy Must Adapt to Buyer 2.0

Just before, you fire the Sales force and give the money to Marketing.
Don’t do it, because, Marketing is just as out of tune with Customers as Sales! 

Marketing ask for more and more money,
but can’t show other than anecdotal evidence of Return on Investment.
(Return on Marketing spend).

Every sales success is ‘claimed’ as a Marketing “win”. Yet, ask Buyers for opinions on time wasting websites, unfulfilled inquiries, hopeless “Corporate” presentations and one size fits ‘no-one’ or over-priced products. 

If you closed Marketing today, you would not notice any effect on Revenue.
In fact, if you replaced Marketing by a Customer User Group,
or Buyer Forum you would see both Cost savings AND Revenue growth.


What do you have to do?

  • Give Salespeople Product Knowledge and Customer Business Knowledge -
    train them to offer insights.
  • Get sales people to ask questions lots of questions until they can describe their Buyer’s needs accurately and comprehensively.
    This is what I want, this is how I will use it, and this is why I want it.
    So, that Salespeople can Customise [Tailor, if you prefer]

Selling is an art and a science.
You only manage the science;
you develop, adapt and refine the art.

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