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Monday, 14 June 2010

Sales Energy

Who gets the most done, the busy bee or the smart bee?


Is sales a Hare or a Tortoise game?

We can demonstrate from evidence that
Sales Activity CAUSES Sales Results,

Activity does not just ‘affect’ results it causes results.

Two Salespeople of similar ability with comparable potential in their territories,

then the more active salesperson will produce higher sales results.


Common sense, is it not?

tortoise and the hare


So let us go beyond common sense to research.
BMAC research confirms that high Activity = more Sales,
but also uncovers a series of anomalies.

Rarely are Top Performers winners of the most Sales Visits contest.
Often two people of the similar ability and comparable territory produce
the anomaly that the most active is NOT the most successful.



BMAC completed a factual research program across five firms,
selling in various sectors and three countries.

The research definitions changed to define ACTIVITY
into two distinct Categories:

  • RGA (Revenue Generating Activity) and

  • NrGA (Non-revenue Generating Activity).

Factual research is not a survey;

it took hard data of Activity and correlated this data to Results,
Sales Advances, Contracted Sales, and Revenue Generation

RGA is for example: Sales Visits, Writing Sales Proposals,
giving Sales Demonstrations.


NrGA is for example: Reorganising the office, tidying the desk, having a coffee.

Travel time, meal times, filing and admin became items of hot dispute, so we compared variations of these and they showed no impact on Revenue Generation,
so are NrGA.  As are Company Meetings, Sales Meetings and almost all training events.

Activity sampling at 15-minute intervals identified 100+ distinct activities,

23 were RGA, and the rest or more than 70 activities were not.

This is not just Time Management, or Effective Habits
it is about Awareness, Perception and Focus.


Let me share in overview the Comparison between:


Top Performers

Poor Performers

60%+ on RGA

Support systems

Single Task focus

 Below average stress

60%+ on NrGA

Data/Information overload

Multiple task Diffusion

 higher than average stress


Sales are about FOCUS,
smart bees produce more honey;
busy bees get tired and produce a lot less honey.

If you would like to discover the 23 RGA Smart Activities, then contact

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