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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

The SIX Hour Sales Call


bad lie

“What’s the ruling?” he asked.

I gave him the rule straight from the Rules of Golf.

“It’s an unplayable lie, you can move the ball [after marking it] under penalty of one shot.
Rule 27-1 lets you play your shot again from where you last played.
Or drop a ball on the line between your marker and the pin, as far back along the line as you wish.
Or, drop a ball no more than 2 club lengths from the marker NO nearer the hole.”

“It’s your choice!”

While he was thinking,

it occurred to me that Golf has RULES which make it fair and enjoyable.


What, I wondered, were the rules of SELLING?

When, like me, you have a Prospect [or Customer] with you on the golf course for six hours?

It is probably best to begin with a few DON’Ts:

    1. Do NOT try and have a six hour Sales Call!
      This will strain both you and your Client to breaking point
    2. Do NOT just have a ‘social’ round of Golf 
      Play a competitive round, which fairly tests both of you
    3. Do NOT play at your rhythm and speed of play but at the Client’s pace, Play READY Golf
      it’s their day If you are a fast golfer, take your time, if slow then get a move on!
    4. Do NOT drink alcohol DURING the Game 
      It will not improve either your game or, your behaviour!
    5. Do NOT talk business for the first six holes, or the last six,
      only the middle six and then in the bar afterwards.  That is a TWO Hour Sales Call,
      but it is best done between the Green and Tee, so it is only 20 minutes on the course.

Before talking about the DO rules,
its best to consider WHY you are inviting your client to a Golf Day.
[and why they are accepting]


It is Classic “Relationship Discovery and Development”,
getting to know one another, it’s about building Trust.


fairplay_golf_55Fair Play on a Golf Course may not indicate fair play in Business.  But, unhelpful, unfair and aggressive Play on the Golf Course, may indicate to a Buyer,
what you are like in business.

Demonstrate Fair Play, helpfulness and collaboration.

It’s important that you KNOW, and abide by, the Rules and, just as importantly, the Etiquette of the Game. The purpose of the day, no matter the actual Goal for the day is to establish that they would want to do business with you!

The Five DO’s are:

  1. DO Only invite People who matter.
    You want key people from the Decision Making Unit, NOT their best Golfers!
  2. DO have Goals for the day.
    Rehearse any Suggestions, or Requests, you may make, DO NOT be spontaneous!
  3. DO Play the best Golf you can on the day, do not play to lose.
    This is obvious manipulation, a fair win is better than a ‘planned’ loss.
  4. DO Be a good Golf host
    ENTERTAIN on the course have some great Stories, and tasteful jokes, be Great Company
  5. DO Play for the 20Th hole, not the 19th, it is what happens next that counts.
    Send a follow-up letter, a photo or souvenir of the day, to remind them of their Golf Day.

A Client Golf Day is all about Relationship and Trust,
it is NOT about Product or Company.

You have an ideal opportunity to observe [close-up] your Client’s Problem Solving,
their Decision Making process, and their Interpersonal Skills.

There are a number of models you can use:

One is the Socializer, Relator, Director, and Thinker model

Make use of these insights to appeal to your Client’s Personality Preferences.

problem solver




The Perception YOU make
with YOUR Customer,
will be their view of you,
and of your Company
…..Manage Yourself.




Non-Golfers can participate in Golf Days by being Hosts’
both before and after the game


If you are thinking of learning the Game of Golf,
then learn from a Golf Pro, that’s your advantage.

Self-taught Golfers, like Self-taught Salespeople, often don’t play by the rules and have more bad habits than good habits. So, take lessons!


BMAC Consultants run Business Golf Training sessions in both Spain and Scotland: 
“How to get the best from your Company Golf day”

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