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Thursday, 1 December 2011

The Secrets of Sales Success in 2015


Many of you will be planning your 2015 Kick-off,

here is your BIGGEST Challenge for the sales Year

A 12% Sales Target hike!


“In 2015, you are going to have to produce
the work of 9 Salespeople from 8 Salespeople!”

So, BMAC what are my options?

There are only TWO options
Train or Coach your existing team!


Your are going to have to make existing Salespeople
both More Effective and More Efficient.


I suggest that you begin by Sales Assessment of your current Team,
what do you think?

Here are some ideas of what to look at:

dashboard 3


Having Assessed your Team into Top Performers, Average performers

and Low Performers, then I suggest you overboard poor performers:



You will fail to meet Target again in 2015 if…. 

You do not take this action NOW!

poorest performing sales people

Organise the Sales Training they need, but don't do it yourself,

unless you happen to be a Sales Trainer working as an interim Sales Manager.

Here is WHY YOU should NOT be the Sales Trainer:

driving lesson


After the Sales Training YOU MUST do the Sales Skills Coaching

Here is how you can be a GREAT Sales Coach:


Well if you stuck through all that,
things are looking a lot better for 2015:

You will have finished ALL your Recruitment by August 2015

You will have a performance improvement of 25% by June 2015,

You should easily make your Sales Target by November 2015.


Congratulations and


  1. I think till 2014 the sales successes rate will be down.Performance Improvement Plan Template

    1. Sorry Bose, that may be an economic forecast but not a sales forecast.

      Some skilled Salespeople, well managed, are showing 35% improvement over last year.

      Your template is a lovely "paint-by-numbers" they just don´t help in Sales.
      In Sales we have to fill in the orders, not the blanks!

      Nice talking with you!