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Thursday, 7 October 2010

Sales Fatigue kills sales


Are you ramping up for
a big finish, a big 4th quarter?


Ramps go up and they go down,
where will you be in two months, the start of December?



What happens to performance when we pass the medium arousal (activity) level?

Performance Drops Drastically

What are the symptoms of Sales Fatigue?

An inability to prioritise activities, long work hours with little or no results.

Inertia, indecision, forgetfulness
and tiredness (which can lead to mistakes and a stress increasing cycle.)

What should we look for?

Changes in behaviour, angry outbursts (or tears), erratic activity.

How should we deal with it?

  • Get a lot of sleep!
  • Take a day off and relax, chill-out and read a book
  • Play some golf or go for a long walk
  • Listen to some music or see a good movie.

Do anything except work for 36 - 72 hours then ------
have a meeting with your boss, agree priorities, and agree actions.

Work a Maximum of 10 hours a day,   better still 8 hours.

Sleep a Minimum of 8 hours a night, better still 10 hours. 

Get plenty of rest and watch it come back together again.

Be cautious in your use of Alcohol or Prescription Drugs,
they can ‘mask’ a serious underlying problem.


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  2. These are ten very important kinds of behaviour to avoid in sales management. I totally agree with them and thank you for this article which I found really useful in my business.It shows in a good way, how to reach new customers avoiding biggest mistakes.