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Sunday, 10 October 2010

The Mentalist Sales person


the mentalist



In philosophy and psychology there are two principle theories about how we interpret, then predict or anticipate behaviour in other people.





They are firstly, Theory-Theory (T-T), which despite its name is very practical. T-T simply says each human being comes complete with a behavioural map already programmed into their brain. This innate map enables them to predict (mind read) others behaviours. With practice and trust, this facility can improve.


The second is Simulation Theory (ST) which is that we ALL have, to greater or lesser extent, the ability to simulate in our own minds the other’s state of mind and therefore predict or anticipate their actions and behaviours. “To walk in their moccasins”.

Selling effectiveness depends on our ability
to anticipate, predict and influence Buyer’s behaviour.

Whichever theory you subscribe to, innate ability or cognitive ability,
individual sales effectiveness is improved by:

  1. Ability to anticipate and influence Buyer’s actions (prediction)
  2. To be able to use a wide variety of Verbal and non-verbal behaviours (flexibility)
  3. To select an ‘appropriate behaviour’, in line with desired buyer behaviour (selection)
  4. To modify our behaviour in line with the desired outcome (modification)

This means Behavioural flexibility
and appropriate Behaviour are the sales master skills

The Mentalist salesperson is Interpersonally Masterful

BMAC consultants have over 20 years experience and expertise in Behavioural Analysis, both Buyers and Sellers. In Sales Training with BMAC Consultants, we identify your Current sales behaviours, and then we describe models of Successful behaviours. You develop both a Behavioural Range and Flexibility. You learn how to adapt your behaviour to the Buyer’s situation and state, using the behaviours most likely to succeed in achieving your and your buyer’s objectives.

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