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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Putting Challenger Selling to Work–TWO


Value Creation is a False Premise.


Value “Creation” is a misnomer,
which places unnecessary stress on Salespeople
and disrupts the TRUE Value Generating Process.

Value “Creation” causes companies, Marketing and Sales,to look for “Value” inside their product

“What is our Value?”

This leads to dysfunctional Sales behaviour, TELLING Customers about their “created” Value.
This is no different than Feature/Function pitches, so held in contempt by the “Gurus” who promote Value Creation.

Before Columbus visited the Americas, they existed!
Columbus did not “create” the Americas;
he simply filled a void in his own Knowledge.

The fallacy of the “undiscovered” Country:

“Urtho and Aena looked on in bewilderment as the men in the Iron Shirts left their boats
and planted sticks with cloth attached on the beach.”

For Columbus it was a personal (not a Universal) discovery.
His on-going visits discovered and developed his knowledge,
while the void of his own ignorance shrank.

The Spanish had not found South America, they had arrived as uninvited guests, “gate-crashers”.  Today landing without Passport, Visa and travel documents in good shape, they would have been deported, as undesirable aliens, back to their country of origin.

Yet Popular Sales Myths persist: 

the “undiscovered” Problem,

the “created” Customer Need or Value “Creation”.

Seen from the Customer´s point of view,
these can appear as an arrogance bordering on stupidity.

None are probable, all are highly unlikely!




The role of the Challenger Salesperson is to perceive POTENTIAL Value first,
then to MANIFEST the Value WITH the Customer.
This is “Latent” Value, i.e. Value which is already PRESENT but NOT Perceived.


How can we Add-Value to the Customer´s Value Generation Process?


The “Catalyst”, which enables latent value to become known, is the Salesperson.
The Challenger Salesperson enables the LATENT VALUE to become apparent,
and clearly revealed in the MIND of the Customer.


Salespeople are the VITAL part of

The role of The Challenger Salesperson is
to perceive LATENT Value inside the Customer´s Value Generating Process,
then to make visible this value.

Together the Salesperson AND the Customer can discover
further Potential Value and DEVELOP this Value together.


The correct approach is VALUE CONSTRUCTION .


Discover – Develop – Deploy Change – Deliver Value.

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  1. Love the analogy about the New World and Christopher Columbus. My sense is all this recent emphasis on "value creation" is coming from the ego of the salesperson not to mention the sales training coaching consulting firms.

    Leanne Hoagland-Smith

    1. Thanks for your comments Leanne, value "creation" has many roots, Sales, Marketing and Training. I agree its ego centric, not customer centric.
      The worst part is "create and communicate", just plain doesn´t work.

      There are some good arguements that it doesn´t work in the book:
      "Uncommon sense, Common nonsense"