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Friday, 2 March 2012

The Challenger Sale and Evidence Based Selling



When I talk about
“Evidence Based Selling Skills”,

it begins with a blank sheet,


then, a list of Sales names.






Then, we look at what those Salespeople actually DO with Buyers,

(300 sales calls minimum)

then, we look at the results they generate,

(immediate, short-term, mid-term and long-term) Microscope



then, we identify Behaviourdifference” between
Average Performers (“core”) and Top Performers,

then, we have Average Performers
CHANGE Behaviour  what they do (or don’t do)

then, we measure if it made a “Performance” difference

(immediate, short term, midterm and long term)







After we have distilled (SPSS)
"What Works or Does NOT work!"
We argue a lot over the research,
was it impacted by
“Halo Effect”,
“Hawthorne Effect”,
or the “Pygmalion effect”?

Was it reliable, is it valid?

THEN, we have all Performers change,
increase (or decrease)
Evidenced Based Sales Behaviours.


But, we keep measuring just in case there is MORE to learn.



that’s why it takes a really long time,

that’s why it’s difficult and expensive to do and,

that’s why it WORKS!


Or, we could just do a quick survey on LinkedIn, about 5 days,

then read the free text boxes and promote it as insight!


Or, even faster, we could just think about our own selling retrospectively,

our experience and casual (not Causal) observations

then mash it up and put it out as insight!

By writing some Sales “Proverbs, Rules or Laws” of Selling.


Just try a proverb as an “Insight”

in a Challenger Sale and

see how long YOU last!



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