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Monday, 27 February 2012

7 ways to detect a Phoney Sales Trainer


  1. Do they quote from well known courses? 

    But fail to grasp the Meaning of the Material, e.g. TAS or SPIN


  2. Do they quote from self-appointed Gurus?

    Who come from the ‘self-help and actualization movement’
    e.g. Brian Tracy


  3. Do they offer clichés likefeel, felt, found
    or “people buy from people

    dysfunctional sales skills which never worked.


  4. Do they clip images from from expert blogs

    to give an air of pseudo-science and proof to their nonsense?


  5. Do they confuse pseudo-science about Personality,

    Psychometrics or Emotions for Real Selling Skills?


  6. Do they offer worthless Software Sales tools

    to help “Sell by Numbers?”

    sell by numbers

  7. Final proof, when you read THEIR LinkedIn Profile
    did they spend 20 years in Marketing or

    does their “profile” suddenly begin 3 years ago?


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