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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Sales survival of the fittest

Does Darwinism (Survival of the Fittest) apply to sales?


Salespeople today are very diverse, young and not so young, male and female, of every creed,
colour and educational achievement – so, who is going to survive?

It has been predicted that 80% of Salespeople will be without their jobs by 2020.
Who are the fittest? The business environment, the habitat where salespeople live
is in constant change and the rules of the buying game have change dramatically.

The fittest are those who develop the ability to change, to evolve at least as fast as their environment changes.

It is ADAPT or become unemployed and a part of the archaeology of Selling and Sales.

Globally, business is changing, continuous variation. Some change is good bringing fresh opportunity and some change is threatening bringing extinction. Some Sales jobs will disappear due to poor Management Practice. Many Sales jobs will disappear due to Sales Training of ‘dysfunctional’ Selling Skills. Wherever you sell and whoever you sell to; you no longer enjoy geographic isolation.
We salespeople now live in a competitive environment where the best adapted sell, and those who can’t or won’t adapt – Fail!


Dramatic “Silver Bullet change will NOT save you, nor will “big bang” Crash programs.

Please don’t wait for messiahs, Gurus or Experts they can’t save you either.


The only thing that will save you is FITNESS, and the fittest Sales People and Sales Organisations are those which opt for flexibility and adapt to a constantly changing environment.

Continuous Learning, EVIDENCE Based Selling Skills will develop their fitness to be part of the fittest who survive. Continuous Learning means never ending Continuous Improvement, which is a career long journey of adaptation to your Product/Market and Competitive Environment.

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