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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

"shortening sales cycles"

The most effective way of shortening the selling cycle is to arrive at the very end of the buying cycle. If your buyer is going to decide tomorrow, you will have a selling cycle of less than 24 hours!

Usually, in fact almost always, you won't get the deal.
But, the upside is you have only lost one day!

Other sales people, who started a year before you,
they will have wasted a whole year!

I once visited the flight deck of a 747 Jumbo Jet.
I was overwhelmed at the number of dials and indicators. The Captain patiently explained to me the purpose behind each one.
Fuel Gauge and Fuel Burn Rate.
Altimeter and Vertical Speed.
Air Speed and Forward Looking Radar. 
Each Indicator or Measure giving critical information for the effectiveness or the security of the airplane and their passengers.




But there was one gauge, not mentioned,

marked from 40% to 100%,
with Green, Amber and Red zones.

Pointing to this colourful gauge, I asked “what is that one for?”

“That’s the External ‘Humidity’ Gauge.” replied the Captain.

"But, what is it for?" I persisted

The Captain smiled widely and then answered
That’s so we can answer a head office Executive’s question, ‘Is it raining outside?’

“But, that’s not really relevant, is it?” I asked.

“No, but in Sales you have head office Executives who pour over
the ‘Sales Cycle Time’ figures don’t you!”  He replied.

I have to say that, this is the same Aircraft Captain who caused Kaplan and Norton
to write their book “The Balanced Scorecard”, and create "Dashboards"
in response to the Captain flying from New York to London
using ONLY his Altimeter.

They had however, booked a flight from New York to Chicago!


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