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Saturday, 21 July 2012

The Secret to Selling


A great sales Guru discovered the Secret to Selling.

It is comprehensive; it is elegant in its simplicity.


Those who learn the secret will have untold success and fulfil their dreams.

Using the secret will bring great wealth, which may then be demonstrated in Property,
possessions of great quality and a five-star life style for themselves and for their families.

They will be respected and valued by their Employers,
admired by their colleagues and loved by their Customers.

The great sales Guru who found and taught the Secret of Selling
retires and disappears to live in secluded luxury.

The Salespeople who learned the secret begin to fail.

They search libraries for new books, watch new videos and attend conferences for the secret.
They consult with Consultants,
they are trained by Trainers and
they seek coaching with Coaches.

They search for the Secret of Selling in Psychology,
they then resort Pseudo-Psychology and Folk Psychology. 

They ask neuroscience if they have found the Secret of Selling
and they are told of a Biological basis to decisions.

Computers are bought to enter, share and manage Data, to Control Relationship Management,
to give Sales Force Automation systems and process to the speculations of ignorance.

As their Revenue numbers drop and their success turns to failure,
their search becomes frantic.
Any street prophet, lunatic or charlatan is paid for advice and, even worse, they are listened to.

Salespeople pretend to their Employers that they still have the secret,
but they are losing the respect and value they once had.
Their Colleagues stop admiring them; instead they begin to resent their high salaries.

Customers no longer love them; in fact, Customers avoid them preferring to buy on-line.

Their five-star Lifestyle is no longer possible and their families resent the change.

And then, the sales Guru returns.


They ask again for the secret of selling.

He smiles then replies,

“The secret of selling is in the skills that you have,

the knowledge that you need, the work that you do,

the strategy that you use and the attitude that you hold.”

“After I left, you forgot this,
you listened to false teachers
and you looked for lazy answers.”

  • The secret of Selling is in Evidence Based Selling Skills, not in short cuts or proverbs.
  • The secret of Selling is in Appropriate Knowledge of Product/Market, not in bluff.
  • The secret of Selling is in Revenue Generating Activity, not in busy work.
  • The secret of Selling is in a Good Strategy for Your Customers and Your Competition,
    not in an imaginary Selling Process married to an imagined Buying Process.
  • The secret of Selling is in a Healthy Attitude to work,
    to your Employers, to your Colleagues and to your Customers;
    not in easy answers, tips, tricks, ploys and dodges.